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Hi we are

John & Suzanne.

Photo of John & Suzanne

A little background and a few photos:

When I met John we realized our common affliction immediately. We wanted to really get out and LIVE LIFE. We met in California. I had come from Singapore, a child of ex-pats, and he had driven the coastline of the US with his dog from Maryland.

On our second date I asked if he’d been willing to live overseas. “Sounds good to me, I am willing to try it”. He asked me if I’d like to live on boat. “Absolutely, always wanted to” I fired back. Right answer for both of us, so there was a third date.

We’ve been tweaking our life ever since and there has been a lot of time to do a lot of tweaking.

At the heart of our lifestyles has always been an awareness that you just don’t know how long you’ve got on this spinning ball, so you better enjoy it as you go.

We started out with a broken down pickup truck, 3 dogs and a camper we built ourselves. We lived in that truck with our dogs for a year while we built our first business that we later sold. We’ve had a lot of businesses including a Solar Electric Business in Mexico, a Yacht Brokerage, an international Consulting firm, Disaster inspections business, Graphic Arts & Serigraphs to name a few. We’ve done business in dozens of countries, had offices in Singapore and Ireland, on boats and in campsites. In fact we’ve been to almost 40 countries and over 900 cities, and countless smaller communities.

Home has taken a lot of different shapes from Boats, RVs, ex-pat life in foreign countries, island life, and corporate expense account life.

Home is not so much a place as it is a state of mind.

Our curiosity drives us every day. We believe that every aspect of life can be adventure; earning a living, staying healthy, traveling, making friends and contributing to the greater good all have the ability to be their own adventures in discovery.

Along the way we’ve had more than our share of classic adventuring including sailing for nearly seven years, cave tubing in Belize, fending off Pirates in Nicaragua & Panama, Climbing Mt. Kinabalu in Borneo, Horseback riding everywhere, motorcycle riding in Rapa Nui, eluding a death warrant by a drug lord in Mexico…. But those stories will leak out over time as we get to know one another, hopefully face to face in some place along the way.

Some of the best adventures don’t sound like adventures at all. These have reaped some of the best rewards like working on Catalina Island in the summer , hiking the local hills or learning a new skill like blogging. There are unlimited ways to add adventure to our lives and they don’t all involve travel.

We’ve let life’s adventures steer our course, making our way as we go, while still being responsible and building for our future, thriving not just surviving. The adventure continues, one day at a time, with an endless host of possibilities. The what-if’s keep life vibrant. Please JOIN US as we share our discoveries, failures, successes and hilarity of our full frontal embrace on life.


3 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. Ola,
    My husband and I are in the Dominican Republic with Dorla and Gary. They hooked us up with your website. We just bought an R V and will be traveling around the U.S. and Canda for about 4-5 months beginning in May. I’m looking forward to following your blog Dorla and Gary are terrific new friends and she just thinks you guys are the greatest. My blog is vegaswords@wordpress.com
    Happy trails

  2. You guys are SUCH an inspiration. So happy I stumbled upon this site while reading about starting a business. This site is such a mecca of information & it’s filled with not only the most genuine posts but, a ton of creativity to boot. Looking forward to immersing myself, and making this a regular visit 🙂 thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hi Lydia, delighted to have you join the Caravan. We are temporarily in a suspended period as we needed a break to our own mobile business evolved to the next level. We will be back with lots of new posts and more come January 1st if all goes according to plan. Thanks for your patience during this important time. Really look forward to future comments and having you on board. We will of course continue to respond to comments on live posts.

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