Have you ever felt like you wanted someone else’s life?

Do you feel like life is passing you by?

Do you want more excitement in your life?

Would you like to make some changes?

You’re not alone!

Maybe it’s time to check your personal compass.

where-my-life-going-compass REDUCED

JOIN the caravan as we explore course adjustment ideas for Life, Work and Play.

Itchy Nomads is a colorful mix of resources, strategies, stories and ideas from everyday people who are living diverse lives of their own design. We’d like you to think of this as your collection of interesting people, places and ideas. You’ll be able to explore how others have made changes, some small and some not so small, to their lives in the pursuit of happiness.

Let’s start itchin’ our curiosity and explore options together.

True-Course-Machine-REDUCEDQuick Start:

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• Next check out the blog page. This is where you’ll find the heart of Itchy Nomads. It’s a great source of fun and interesting stories but it is also an organic forum for all of us to converse.

• Keep in mind this is your site so if you see a posting you like make a comment. It’s easy to give your input, questions and ideas on any topic.

• Please take a minute to do the Caravan Steering Survey. It’s our way to stay on the topics most interesting to the group. Each month we’ll setup new questions and evaluate the last survey to make any course adjustments needed.

• Use the search button to search by word or topic or just thumb thru the post category list for inspiration.

• We need your contributions, please send us a note. Tell us about the people, places, jobs, ideas and just fun stuff you know so we can share.

• So let’s have some fun, don’t be shy, just hit the comment button and shoot us a note.

• We’ll keep up our end by adding new stories, interviews, guest bloggers, tools, and ideas to stir the proverbial pot of life.



Check out this great little poem.

“The Clock of life is wound but once”

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  1. Wonderful idea. Consider me an enthusiastic participant! My feet itch these days with the idea of train travel. I would love to explore the USA by train, getting on and off wherever I want. Then I would like to fly to Singapore and pick up the train and travel up the Malay Penninsula, getting off and getting on wherever the spirit moves me. Watched the Olympics last night and added one more train trip, the Siberian Express – a weeklong trip from Moscow to Vladivostok (don’t want to get off on that one). Thanks for this forum.

    • Fantastic to have such a creative and curious explorer along on the Caravan. Let us know if you plan to fly to Singapore and take the Train up the Malay peninsula. Did many times years ago but chances are little has changed. It’s a wonderful journey. If you start to plan a trip on the Siberian Express then let’s definitely share what you learn so others might come. It could be a great aspect of our new community that like minded Itchy Nomads choose to do some journeys together in the future. Either way we love your ideas and welcome your input. Please invite your friends to subscribe too. We’ve love to have them along and participating. Wonderful meeting you in Placerville over the holidays.

  2. Thanks you two for setting this site up, it will be a great resource and a lot of fun.

    • Ron, delighted to have you join the Caravan. Would love to have you share an introductory to the geology of rock hounding and gem stone hunting. Hope things are great in the the land of Chocolate, Hershey, Pennsylvania!

  3. I am also a budding train travel fan. Last summer I toured our east coast while visiting relatives and friends by train rather than rent a car and duplicate the LA type traffic .
    Train travel is a lot more relaxing, and one gets to meet, however fleeting it may be, a most interesting sequence of people from commuters to Google in New York City (3000 employees: wow! who knew) to a nice lady traveling to DC to meet and support her son who was about to address a group of US Navy folk.
    People like to talk on trains. I like to talk.

    • What a great topic Harry. It will be interesting to hear from other Itchy Nomads that are also enjoying this mode of travel. Your observation that it provides a great venue for conversation and new friendships is really a great insight. Let’s see what traction we get from others in our Caravan. Thank you and happy travels!

  4. For you armchair train enthusiasts, I can recommend a book I just started: “Train” by Tom Zoellner, a journal of train travel experiences in UK. Available for Kindle.

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