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WELCOME! It’s wonderful to see you are ready to prepare for the departure of our caravan. So glad you chose to join us. The Caravan is a metaphor for the journey we choose to embark on. Each of us has the power to journey in any direction we choose. The most important thing is to CHOOSE. When you choose a direction, you apply intent to your life and it gets very personal. You are no longer a follower; you are a participant, an explorer and your own leader. Instead of embarking on your journey alone, you are now in a Caravan of others charting their own destinies of their own unique design.

We’d like to introduce you to our two Caravan Leaders, John and Suzanne O’Rourke.

They are very experienced Caravan leaders and will seek out the best routes, trusted advisors, tools, resources and paths for the entire caravan to venture on. There are many paths with different rewards and adventures. As Itchy Nomads you’ll need to choose the direction that is right for you.

Your voice is important. We want you to speak up. Together we can share and learn from each other. We can celebrate each other achievements. Hopefully we can minimize the risks and escalate the pace of the paths we choose. The destination is of your choosing, but we will get started together. It is important that we commit to encourage and inspire each other’s journeys as our paths diverge and re-intersect.

Now it’s time to get ready. There are a few things you need to start doing to prepare.

1. Prepare your mind for the Journey. First, keep an open mind. Don’t rule anything out. Survey your life for areas in need of course adjustments. Entertain all the possibilities.

2. CHOOSE a direction. Short journey can be as transformational as long journeys. Baby steps lead to marathons. Just choose something you want to make happen.

3. Acknowledge your apprehensions. Determine what you have to lose with change. Recognizing our fears is an important part of being able to move forward. We all have reservations. So strategize on how to overcome them.

4. Plan. You will need to pick your destination (goal). The plan you make will be your map. Keep it with you always. Pack your curiosity as you are going to be reliant on it to steer your course. This is where our community can be the most value as we learn from others that have gone ahead and others that have our same vision.

5. Share. The Caravan is pulling out but there is still room for more to join, so let your family and friends know that this is an important journey, that you are joining and you’d like them to come too. Share this with those that matter to you. The more that know your plan, the more accountable you will be to completing it.

6. As you embark towards your destination, the scenery is going to start to change. You’ll need some portable normalcy in your life. Create a pattern in your sleep, your health, your communications, and your work.

7. Expect to be excited, but know it will be hard work. Although we plan to make the journey as fun as possible, it’s going to be hard work, every day. Change by its nature is unfamiliar and can be uncomfortable. It requires commitment and perseverance and focus.

8. Pack light-your camel has to carry you and only the essentials. You need to simplify.

9. Time to Pull Out. There is no need to wait. Throw a pin at the map of your desires and kick your camel into a full gallop (or at least a trot). Any destination is better than none. Action creates excitement. If you get part way down your path and it’s not quite right, make a course correction. All adventurers have to do that.


Glad to have you aboard!

John & Suzanne,



Camel & Parrot




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