Getting to know your Parrot



You’ve decided that you want to join the Caravan. Maybe you just want to check out what others in the Caravan are doing. Perhaps you have the start of an inspiration and hope that something jumps out that is pertinent to your interest and nudges you along or perhaps you know exactly where you want to go.




Whatever your reasons for joining this movement, we are delighted to have you along. Now the excitement of the journey begins.


Most of us have so much clutter in our brains it’s hard to identify what’s broken and what just needs some attention. Do we need a major overhaul or do we just need some restoration.


This is the Starting Line for your Journey. Now you need to figure out what direction your Journey is going to take. Recognizing the value of change is a step all by itself.


Where do you start? What part of your life do you want to add a little adventure to? Maybe you already know. Maybe you don’t. That’s okay to.


Identify your area of A.D.D. – Adventure Attention Deficit. An easy way to recognize if you are suffering from A.D.D. is to ask yourself these simple questions.


What do I daydream about?


Who do I envy?


What bores me to tears?


Most of us know what we want, subconsciously. We just don’t know how to make those daydreams a reality.


Learning to let your Parrot FLY.


Think of your Mind as a Cage and your Life as the Parrot. Your Parrot is trapped. Parrots don’t belong in cages. They are meant to fly. Parrots don’t have a preplanned direction but they know if they fly they will have a better view of where they might want to go and they just start flying towards happiness.


To unlock your Parrot Cage you’ve got to find the keys that are hidden. Fortunately you already are holding the key to the Parrots Cage.



The Key is FEAR


Take each of the daydreams you identified and ask yourself what are you afraid of that is keeping you from living that dream? Is it fear of the unknown? Perhaps it is fear of failure or fear of financial insecurity? Or, maybe it is the fear of having to learn something new? Are you fearful of being embarrassed? Is the fear that you won’t measure up in looks, assets or intelligence?


Here is the most important part of unlocking the cage.


If you don’t follow your dreams


And leave your Parrot locked up


and nothing changes, what fear will you have then?


You could experience the Worst kind of Fear.


The Fear of REGRET. That should scare the bird crap out of you.



So here are the simple actions you can take to unlock your life.


1. Get to know Your Parrot. Hopefully you’ve named it by now because it is your personal MUSE. No one in the history of the planet has had a more AWESOME Parrot, and they are with you 24 x 7. They want YOU to FLY with them. They are SICK, SICK, SICK of being in the cage.

Get to know your Parrot. Talk to your Parrot. Put a picture on your desk, or your refrigerator or in your phone and in your wallet.

Where does your parrot want to fly?


2. Play the “What If’s” game with your Parrot. Parrots like to talk, so get a conversation going with your new best friend.

For example, “Hey Parrot, I want to escape this cubicle and find a less confining way to keep us both in bird seed. Any thoughts? What if we could make a living from anywhere? What if we didn’t have a boss? What about looking for a better gig?”




“Hey Parrot, let’s go live in a tree, maybe a tree in another place. How would that be? Would it be hard to build a new nest? Would the new Parrots like us? If we didn’t like the new place could we fly back here?”




“You are being awful quiet Parrot. What if we both took up Singing? Or Standup Comedy? Or Politics? What do you say about that? What do we have to lose?”


3. Let those What if’s just percolate. You can’t rush an epiphany, but you can definitely make them happen a lot faster if you are talking about the What If’s.


Hey you and Parrot are just talking here. You are in a safe place.


What area of your life is in the most need of a change?


Remember this is a Journey. Journeys have legs. One leg leads to another. You don’t have to figure out the entire route, just the first leg.


Once you and Parrot have identified where you want to fly, you’ve entered new airspace, the air space of EXCITEMENT!


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”

Henry David Thoreau

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