Stories and Interviews

The caravan trail covers a lot of terrain and attracts many unique individuals that are making deliberate decisions to craft their own unique lives. Their stories are fascinating and inspiring.

This page will be a continually expanding collection of portraits of fellow participants on their own life journeys.

We are always looking for novel stories so just let us know if you have one to recommend.


Adventure Profile Series:

VIDEO INTERVIEW – TROPICAL ISLAND RESORT– Doc & DD turned a dream of managing a tropical eco-lodge resort into a reality. Now they are living on a lush, Caribbean island and being paid for it. Meet up with them in Honduras. Link to this interview

PHOTOGRAPHER – A professional portrait photographer Fran talks about the motivation to reach for new inspiration in Nature Photography. Link to this story

VIDEO – PASSIONS OUTSIDE OF WORK – learn how Jeff has kept his day job and his family cared for while cultivating a second more creative career. Link to this story


Work Style Profiles:

SEASONAL WORK AS A BOAT CAPTAIN – Worldwide there are lots of seasonal jobs on lakes, rivers, islands, oceans where boat drivers are needed in a variety of positions. Link to this story

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SPECIALIST – Suzanne turned a passion for international travel into a full time business 12 years ago by helping companies to expand their businesses overseas. Link to this story

DISASTER INSPECTOR – Helping others as a early responder and be on the scene right after a major natural disaster. Help the survivors from Tornadoes, Floods, Hurricanes and more pick up the pieces of their lives. Link to this story


Life Style Profiles:

MEET THE POSTER COUPLE FOR EARLY RETIREMENT– How did Billy & Akaisha Kaderli retire at 38.  After 24 years of living a life following their passions, they share their lessons. Link to this story

WORKING FROM THE ROAD – Freedom what a great thing, consider stretching the leash. With new technology it’s much easier to work and travel full-time in a RV. Link to this story

LIVING ABOARD a BOAT– Living on a boat can take many forms, which one is right for you? Link to this story


Lot’s more to come let us know what you’d like to see.

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