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We are delighted to have Billy & Akaisha Kaderli with us via Skype today.   We are doing the interview from Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Billy and Akaisha are joining us as they enjoy a new chapter in their enviable life as early retirees.   This month, we found them testing out a pampered apartment lifestyle in Ho-Chi-Min City, also known as Saigon, Vietnam. We will tell you more about that later, but it really sounds too good to be true.

We have followed their story and website for a long time, and learned a lot from their terrific books “The Adventure’s Guide to Early Retirement” and “Your Retirement Dream is Possible”.  We read their books a few years ago and immediately found similarities.   They sold their business and quit their jobs at age 38 to try living life differently.  They have continued to do that for decades.  They generously share a lot of their wisdom and insights on their popular website and blog “Retire Early Lifestyle”.   They have been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Motley Fool, Clark Howard, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine to name a few, and now by Itchy Nomads.

Billy and Akaisha it is a pleasure to have you with us today.  Thank you for joining us this morning from Saigon.



It’s been a delight talking with you both.  There is so much more we’d love to ask you, I think we will just have to do another interview in the future, or better yet, meet you somewhere and just hang out.  You definitely are an inspiration to us and many others.  Thank you for providing your wisdom and practical insights.

For all our fellow Itchy Nomads, please let us know what you thought of this Interview by leaving a Comment on our blog or Facebook page.  We will be providing links to Billy & Akaisha’s website and the other resources they mentioned including a link to Compass Living in Resource section of this blog posting.

Thank you very much Akaisha and Billy.  Have a great time in Saigon and don’t be strangers.



Retire Early Lifestyle

The Adventure’s Guide to Early Retirement

Your Retirement Dream is Possible

Compass Living

World Nomads Health Insurance



2 thoughts on “Interview with RETIRE EARLY LIFESTYLE EXPERTS

  1. Another fabulous interview, Suzanne! Really informative. Now to find $4,000 a month. Hahahha. I liked the info about medical care abroad, as well as just having a basic plan of what you want to do with your time. Hope all’s well with you and John.

    • Thank you soooo much Tamara. Your compliment means a lot knowing you have such a strong background in Design and Website development. Thanks! We also found the Health Care insights really informative and thought provoking. If you ever think you want to entertain a month in one of the Compass Living apartments, the $4,000 is for 2 people. Get a friend and split the place for a month to enjoy a country in luxury. Keep the comments and ideas coming Tamara. We need to do a piece on Hawaii! Any ideas?

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