Caravaner Profile – Jeff Lindgren – People aren’t always what they seem

Jeff LindgrenIt takes pluck to try new things.  It takes perseverance to cultivate a new skill.  It takes courage to announce your new interest to the world, especially to the people you work with. Is this declaration going to put my job at risk?  It’s a fair question but not one that Jeff seemed to be bothered by.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jeff Lindgren for many years, always in a great working relationship.  If I had to describe Jeff yesterday, it would have been something like this:  Jeff is a pure professional that goes deep on his product knowledge, is generous with his support of his colleagues, always polite and amazingly driven.

So when I received this link in my inbox to check out his video we were inspired.  Now, I have to revise my personal understanding of Jeff to be more multi-dimensional.   He has been BOLD.  It takes courage to let your business life know about your personal life.  He has announced his hidden passion that he has been cultivating.  We hope he inspires many of you to go after your passions and make your dreams come true.

Thank you, Jeff.  Please keep us posted on your art adventures.

To see more of Jeff’s work or possible meet him at one of his many showings, check out his website at

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