Adventurer Profile – Getting paid to live on a tropical island

Starry NightHow do some people have all the luck?  Or do we make our own luck?

Does living on a tropical island where you can spend your days Kayaking, Fishing, Snorkeling and Entertaining interesting people sound too good to be true?

How about if you get paid to live that life?  Impossible?

Well it is possible and there are many positions like the one you’ll hear about that exist around the world. We wanted to find out first hand from a couple that are living that reality today.  How did they make this dream come true and is it what they imagined.





We hope you enjoyed meeting Doc and DD.  Let us know if this lifestyle is appealing to you?

Please join us again with more from our Adventurer Profile series.



Mango Creek Lodge

Working Couples

8 thoughts on “Adventurer Profile – Getting paid to live on a tropical island

  1. Sounds like a great place to visit!!! Makes me want to venture out there.

    • You and US TOO! Doc and DD certainly painted an enticing picture of Mango Creek. We too want to go check it out!

  2. It sounds like Doc & DD struck gold there in Roatan! I visited there years ago and would love to go back! Nice to know they are doing so well!

    • What did you like best in Roatan Cici, and what took you there. I think you are right that Doc and DD landed in a great place and I would imagine the owners are feeling the same way. Happy New Year.

  3. Great interview. Love hearing how life brings opertunities and opens doors if we want to take a chance. So nice to hear how Doc and DD are enjoying their new life style and adventure.
    We hope that 2014 brings you much happiness.

    • Thank you. We had a little stage fright doing this first interview. Doc and DD sound like an amazing find for the Lodge owners as they are wearing a lot of hats. Really appreciate your New Years wishes. Wishing you an abundant year that is full of your own new fun times. Keep chiming in, we love your comments.

  4. How absolutely wonderful to see Doc and DD. The interview was so informative. We have wondered how this all came about. Thank you. Please tell them we wish them well.

    • Glad to have you on the Caravan Barbara. Thanks for joining in. We are so glad you enjoyed the Caravaneer Profile of Doc and DD at the Mango Creek Eco-Lodge. They did a good job of describing the process they went through to make their dream of working and living in a warm exotic place. Your greeting to them will be seen by them.

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