Itchy Nomads look at the world differently

If our Caravan were  to have a mission statement it would be to inspire each of us, including your Caravan Leaders, John and I, to always look at life differently.  It’s so easy to get comfortable and complacent.  In doing so, we don’t know what we are missing out on.

A fun Flip-Side look from Itchy Nomads

To kick this caravan into a full gallop we need to do this together as a community.  Your participation makes the Caravan Thrive not just exist.  Your introductions to ideas, people and ways of seeing things is truly the fuel our Camels run on.  So please embrace your importance and the value you bring by sharing what you can and spreading the word of the journey we are on together.

10 thoughts on “Itchy Nomads look at the world differently

  1. OK,
    I am pretty sure you can get an ointment that can cure the itchy part. Maybe it is a rash or something.
    Seems like your video was shot in Australia or somewhere like that. I was surprised to see the American Flag in the video. Guess there are some ex-pats in Aussi as well. Does the gravity thing seem to be at all important? There are lots of questions to answer like:
    How do you keep your feet on the ground?
    What is the best way to drive while inverted? Do you need to wear a seat belt?
    How can I share in the fun you guys are having?
    Linda and I are off to San Diego tomorrow to have a long lunch with Rod and LeNann. We will laugh together about your great adventure.

    • Welcome Aboard the Caravan Bruce. We’ve reserved a tall Camel for you because you are a tall guy. We’ve got Velcro on our flip flops which can be problematic. You definitely need a seat belt to drive inverted and on your camel, as you are in for a wild ride. Keep the entertaining comments coming and share any fun, novel and interesting activities, places and individuals with us. We are all eager to see what everyone comes up with. Have fun at lunch, give Linda, LeNan and Rod a big howdy from us and get some Velcro for your flip flops.

  2. What a fabulous idea Suzanne and John! I’ll be putting together my list of folks to share this with! Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year’s Eve Chris! Thanks for joining the Caravan. We are excited to have you join this mobile adventure to spice life UP! What a perfect time too on the brink of a New Year. We look forward with excitement to meeting some of your friends along the way that you invite to join! Wishing you and the family a abundantly healthy and Itchy 2014!

  3. Congratulations Itchy Nomads, a great way to start the New Year. We arrived home last night after a 15 hour road trip from New Mexico. Started our morning with a Skype phone call from Susie and John in Honduras where they are still cruising. I am going to get the velcro to join the caravan.
    luv ya and Good Luck, Glenda and Peter

    • The Caravan wouldn’t be the same with out our friends from Cornwall. Brew a pot of Tea and join in the conversation when ever you feel inclined. Always prefer a journey with our friends. Welcome Aboard!

  4. Hello John and Suzanne–I love your ideas! Just thinking about some of the same things for 2014 when I opened up your emails this evening! Thanks for your inspiration. I will look forward to receiving your newsletter! Good luck, Happy Happy New Year!!!

    • Thanks for JOINING the Caravan Cathie. We welcome your contributions on fun and interesting things or people you know about too. The first Newsletter will go out in a couple of days. With all your horsemanship experience, you should feel right at home on your Camel. We appreciate your encouragement!

  5. I like your website I don’t do well with technology I am a neanderthal I like to lift heavy stuff and ride bicycles

    • We are delighted to have you along on the Caravan Jay. There is sure to be some Heavy Lifting in the future, and you must not be much of a Neanderthal with technology. You managed to Subscribe and leave a great comment. Thanks for JOINING!

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