Guest Blog-10 Ways to Discover Work that Feels like Play

Have you ever been at a crossroads where you just don’t know which way to take your life?

We all have.

It’s important that we get to hear all sorts of positive voices on our journey.  There is definitely not one direction, one path or one way to do anything.  As humans we are amazingly creative and innovative creatures.

One of these delightful humans is Michelle Ward, the creator of “When I Grow Up I Wanna Love what I Do” coaching series.

She is just a hoot.  You may want to play her short video several times, because I found the first time we watched it, we were just caught up with smiling and didn’t really get her wonderful message.

As your Caravan Leaders, we are very proud to introduce you to THE unique and effervescent Michelle Ward:



Well, we hope you liked Michelle’s suggestion to Suspend Disbelief.

Her message doesn’t just apply to folks starting out, but can apply just as importantly to re-inventors, 2nd Act-ers, Retirees, career changers or wherever you find yourself, at any stage of your life.  Give yourself permission to listen, research and consider possibilities, without figuring out the HOW.

Have you ever gone on a vacation and when you got back you had a list of all the cool things you wanted to start doing in your life.  Well it’s because you stepped away mentally from your normal life and just allowed the What If’s to surface while you entertained them.  You can give yourself this gift anytime by taking Michelle’s suggestion and not putting any criteria on entertaining the What If’s for a while.

Let the Magic happen.

We can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

Tell us in Comments, what YOU are considering.

Who knows maybe one of your fellow Itchy Nomads can help you on your path!




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