Want to go Location Independent with Kids?

This week we are excited to introduce you to one of our favorite blogs, YTravel Blog.  The topic: How to live a location independent life with kids.  Many of you in the Caravan crave striking out on your dream lifestyle but struggle with how to balance that with parenthood. Caz does a great job of giving you tips and hope that this is achievable.

Caz and Craig Makepeace are serial travelers and bloggers, outdoor adventurers and parents of two beautiful little girls.  They have successfully made a living as they travel, sharing the joys and challenges of balancing a location independent lifestyle while earning a living and raising a family.  They believe you can follow your dreams Now. 

We hope you find inspiration and encouragement so you can make your own location independent lifestyle dreams come true.                                            


Want to go location independent with kids?

Here are 6 things to consider

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Tell us what you think.  Do you crave a Location Independent life?  Are you planning to give it a go?  What do you worry about? 

Tell us in the comments below and let’s get the conversation going.


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