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What comes to mind when you think Las Vegas? I bet it’s not fly fishing.

Steve White demos fly fish casting in front of the Las Vegas BassPro store

Steve White demos fly fish casting in front of the Las Vegas BassPro store

It sure wasn’t what popped into our minds when we were back in Las Vegas. What most people fail to appreciate about Las Vegas is that it is in the heart of the old west. If you want to get out and explore the American West, Las Vegas is a great place to base yourself out of. In a couple of hours you can be at the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion National Parks in Utah & Arizona, mystical Sedona, Death Valley or the Pine forests of Flagstaff Arizona.

Las Vegas could boast about its intriguing history in this most rugged of wild western settings but this rich history of Las Vegas gets drowned out by the din of the famous Strip.

It is also an amazing town if you like to shop. So it made sense to us to see the giant Bass Pro store not far off the Southern end of the Las Vegas Strip. Bass Pro is not the typical purveyor of luxury items usually associate with Las Vegas. If you want sporting goods for the great outdoors, this is THE place to shop.

We were aware that Bass Pro stores promote and offer a lot of outdoor education seminars. Each individual Stores Website has a listing of Outdoor Skills Workshops, many of which are free. We were going to be in town for a month in the winter and thought we would check into what they were offering.

Steve White a certified casting instructor with the Federation of Fly Fishing

Steve White a certified casting instructor with the Federation of Fly Fishing

Every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. two experts, Steve White a certified fly fishing casting instructor with the Federation of Fly Fishing, and Bill Teresco, an expert in Fly Tying, teach the 90 minutes Introduction to Fly Fishing classes. The course is four weeks long and despite our expectation that we were going to be pitched on BassPro fishing gear, there was none of that.

Bill Teresco an expert in Fly Tying instructor

Bill Teresco an expert in Fly Tying instructor

We were surprised at the depth of knowledge that was shared with us. We learned about fish behavior, reading the river, safety, techniques and the differences in gear. The classes are worthy of a high price tag, but they are totally FREE and held by the huge fish tank in the middle of the store.

Our instructors’ love of the sport of Fly Fishing was infectious. We finally understood why the sport is considered an art form. We tried a lot of different gear, heard the pros and cons and learned from the other students. The Las Vegas Fly Fishing Club and the Southern Nevada Chapter of Trout Unlimited meets twice a month at the store for club meetings and enthusiastically welcome new members. We hope to go on a Utah trip with the guides in the spring to practice what we’ve learned. These classes are a unique opportunity and a hidden gem in Sin City.

BassPro stores are throughout the U.S. and there are some in Canada. Check at any of the stores you might be near and see what free classes they are offering. We felt like we really scored a Las Vegas WIN with this four week course. Foreign tourists that plan to see some of the great American West while visiting should stop in and see the amazing collection of gear. If you’re not an outdoor person before going, you may be a convert by the time you leave.


The Las Vegas Fly Fishing Club and the Southern Nevada Chapter of Trout Unlimited are both organizations that work towards improving Nevada’s fisheries, teaching newcomers about the sport of fly fishing and sharing their love of fly fishing with others.

Las Vegas BassPro Shops at Silverton Hotel Casino

Here’s a link to the Las Vegas Store Fly Fishing Classes. You’ll need to click on the  Outdoor Skills Workshops”  tab in the lower right   Fishing Classes

We bought the Orvis Streamline Fly-fishing Outfit as a good novice all inclusive kit that came with its own packable storage case for throwing in on our backpacks or in a suitcase. From Amazon Orvis-Clearwater-5-weight-Fly-Outfit

Flywater: Fly-Fishing Rivers of the West- A gorgeous book that makes you feel like you could walk right into the scene. From Amazon Flywater-Fly-Fishing-Rivers-Grant-McClintock

Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die- This book is a bucket list for fishing enthusiasts. From AMAZON Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die

12 thoughts on “FREE Fly fishing lessons from the experts

  1. I’m going to share this article and link with all my fisherman friends!

    • Really appreciate your sharing any Blogs that might be of interest to your Fans Sally. We hope some of your followers find it helpful.

  2. This is classic with regards to catching any fish. There is a reason 10% of the fisherman catch 90% of the fish. Getting instruction like this is the key to success and being at the top of your game with this sport.

    • We have never been in the club of the 10%’ers, but knowing you to be a lifelong serious fisherman, your endorsement of getting good instruction has real value. Thanks for the great comment.

  3. I have been wanting to learn the art of fly fishing for years and now after reading this article I see a real possibility . Perhaps they can teach an old lady some new tricks. Now Los Vegas is on my travel list for 2014. Thanks for the information. Nancy Long

    • Nancy, you’ll have to let us know when and how your Fly Fishing lessons somewhere, somehow go. We hope you fulfill this new adventure and long time goal in 2014! We can all always learn some new tricks. Inspire us!

  4. First I want to thank Suzanne for writing about our class at Bass Pro in Las Vegas.
    Fly fishing is a life time sport. About the time you think you have it figured out a Wiley Old Trout with a pea sized brain has you sitting on a rock scratching your head. There is all ways
    something new to learn. You can build your own rods. Tying flies is a great part of the sport. Fly
    Casting can be taken to a very high level. The best part about fly fishing is the places it takes you. Some days I can forget about fishing. Just look at were I am and the beauty around me.
    There is a fear that people have about fly fishing. I can’t tell you how many times I have had someone say they can’t be taught to fly cast. Fly casting is not hard if you have someone teach you the proper way to cast. Learn the basics from a trained pro. Learn the difference between casting right and wrong. Learn how to correct your problems. Our time spent fishing in this life is very short. We want to enjoy every second on the water. Go have fun.
    You can find fly casting instructors all over the world. The Federation of Fly Fishers web site

    • has a list of trained casting instructors from all over the world. Also check your local fly shop. Stop by Bass Pro in Las Vegas Wednesdays at 7 PM and sat HI.
      If you have any questions please email me at .
      Steve White

      • Itchy Nomads, if you are passing through Las Vegas take up Steve’s invitation and stop by to meet him Wednesday nights a the BassPro Store when he teaches the Fly Fishing class. He’s a great guy, as is his co-instructor Bill. The store is a lot of fun to wander through too. Thanks again Steve!

    • Steve terrific comments just like your teaching style. There are only so many sports that are lifelong sports and your point will probably strike a chord with many of our readers. We definitely look forward to learning how to Fly Cast. We welcome your continuing contribution and are fortunate to have your expert tips. Happy fishing!

  5. Are you still giving lessons at Pro Bass? What evenings are the classes and if any what is the cost? Is there anything My son and I need to bring to the class?

    • Hi Jim, we actually took lessons at Bass Pro in Las Vegas. Certainly don’t have the skills yet to teach Fly Fishing. It was a blast! Each BassPro has their own experts and programs, so I would contact the store nearest you and check their class schedule. It was also a great way to meet other local folks that wanted to do the same thing. Please let us know if you do take a class. We’d love you to share your experience with all the Itchy Nomads. Happy Casting!

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