Lulu’s @ Homeport Alabama – well worth the detour

John-in-beach-chair-ReducedWe exited Interstate Highway 10 and headed south towards the famous Alabama sugar sand beaches.  Salt water is in our veins and we needed a fix of our toes in the sand, and salt in the air to revive us after a long drive.  We also had a secondary motive.  We wanted to visit “Lulu’s at Homeport” restaurant; but first we had to get to the beautiful gulf while there was still some sunset to savor.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  We were in our element once again. After an amazing barefoot walk and stunning sunset we headed over to check out Lulu’s.

As longtime Jimmy Buffett fans we had been eager to visit his sister’s restaurant “Lulu’s” in Homeport, Alabama.  It was immediately apparent when we parked that LuLu has her brothers same sense of Fun!  The beautiful tropical landscape set the tone as we walked up to the colorful Caribbean style complex of buildings. The place was buzzing on a winter weeknight, while the surrounding community seems to have already gone to sleep.

Lulu's-Restaurant-ReducedWe put our name on the list and were handed the buzzer so we could go and wander.  Lulu has her personality on everything with color and design and fun activities.  She makes her patrons feel like they are welcome friends. We played a ring toss game then built sandcastles in the imported beach environment, sat in some fun beach chairs and wiggled our toes in the sand then wandered through the very fun shop and walked around the waterway deck.  We were having so much fun we didn’t have a chance to be bored.  Our buzzer went off and we followed our bubbling, bobbing hostess to a tall table deep in the massive restaurant.  A musician was playing the guitar and singing a mix of Jimmy Buffett songs, James Taylor and Caribbean reggae just audible over all the happy chattered guests.

Our server swooped down on us with drink and dinner menus.  He asked if we were visiting Lulu’s for any special occasion.   I quickly said we were there for my John’s birthday.

By candlelight, we contemplated our options of tropical libations from the descriptive selection. I tried the Lulu’s Rum Punch for $8.00 and John ordered their World Famous Bushwhacker for the same price.  They were both a vacation in a glass.

We shared the Crazy Sista’s Cheeseburger in Paradise with a side of Pineapple for   $9.95 which included delicious French fries. Our strategy was dollars were going to drinks and desert.Sunset-2-Reduced

We told our server we would start with the one burger and decide if we want anything else after we split it.  The burger and fries were huge and delicious. The music got our “all things are possible” juices flowing and we started discussing creating our own product….possibly writing our stories down.  We were having fun and getting excited about what the future might hold when our server delivered a Brownie in Paradise with a single candle in it for John’s birthday.

It was hard to talk in Lulu’s with the acoustics, happy chatter of hundreds of guests and the great music, but we were so inspired that some long term creative plans were hatched over that meal.

Lulu’s is now a detour favorite.  We will gladly drive South off Interstate 10 in Alabama to visit Lulu’s.  It’s one of a kind like Lulu must be. Her brother Jimmy must be very proud of his talented and charming crazy Sista’ Lulu.

Special Menus are available for every possible diet.

Link to LuLu’s website


Crazy Sista Cooking: Cuisine and Conversation with Lucy Anne Buffett

Boats, Beaches & Ballads by Jimmy Buffett


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One thought on “Lulu’s @ Homeport Alabama – well worth the detour

  1. If I ever get “back east” again, I will certainly make this a stop on my way! Sounds great.

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