New Mexico – Dining al fresco at La Posada

We had long heard about the historic La Posada de Santa Fe Resort in Santa Fe, and wanted to see this artistโ€™s favorite retreat. We decided to stop in for lunch.

Santa Fe de La Posada - Patio diningThe hostess greeted us warmly and offered us to choose where we would like to be seated. John selected to sit out on the patio near the fireplace. The ambiance was magic with the intimate chatter of the birds and insects in the surrounding garden.

I asked to sample the Chilled Cucumber and Avocado soup and two wines. The soup sample was delicate yet stirring. With our chosen Pinot Grigio we opted to split the Shrimp, Chicken & Beef Fajitas with Cilantro Rice and Barracho (Drunken) beans. Every flavor was real, uncomplicated and delicious.

The meal was finished off with a smooth rich coffee and the best Chocolate Mousse either of us had ever tasted. The wait staff was exceptional and we were treated like honored guest. The entire meal for the two of us was less than $35.00. Afterwards we were invited to wander the gallery rooms in the old hotel section and the gardens. A true 5 star experience!

TIP:ย  When ordered wine and beer donโ€™t be embarrassed to ask to sample it first.

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