Fort Worth, Texas – A Texas must do for all

Long horn cattle drive at the Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas   If you only have a short time in Texas and want to enjoy real Cowboy fun and Texan hospitality, then head to Fort Worth.  In old town Fort Worth is the Historic Cowtown Coliseum, Stockyards and historic district of plank board side walked shops, galleries and museums. Every day at 11:30 and 4:00 you can enjoy watching an authentic Longhorn Cattle Drive down the street in front of the Historic Stockyards in old town. If you arrive a little early there is free parking on the streets.  Then grab a seat under the shade trees on one of the old brick walls. It’s a Howdy-Goodtime Head rider of the long horn cattle drive at the Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texasto watch the cowboys wrangle the Longhorns down the brick streets just like they did for the past 100+ years. If you want to get silly you can pay to climb into a saddle on a Longhorn cow.  Afterwards you can while away a few hours shopping, visiting one of the great museums and trying on Cowboy Boots. You’ll want to do this before lunch while you can still bend over.  Then choose one of the many authentically local restaurants for your choice of Tejas (pronounced Tay-haas) or Mexican food.  My recommendation is to  enjoy Margaritas and finger licking sweet Beef Brisket Bar-b-Que with a side of spicy baked beans and a Texas size slice of Texas Toast to sop up any left overs.  The people watching is definitely entertaining as you see Bull Riders mixing with tourists and everyday Texans living their lives.  After you’ve enjoyed a slow afternoon in old Ft. Worth, wander over to the Cowtown Coliseum, the oldest indoor Rodeo stadium in the world.   Buy your tickets to that nights Rodeo and if the doors are open, go ahead and take a seat early.

You are in for a show!

Usually rodeos are outside on bleachers under a blistering sun, with flies in the air and outhouses the only outlet for the plentiful beer.  Long horn cow at the Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas If you are not American, don’t feel bad if you don’t know the Songs or the Pledge of Allegiance, but do follow the locals when standing up and sitting down.  It’s just good manners to show respect and you’ll have plenty of cues. The Championship Rodeo enhances an already exciting sport with comfort and pageantry. This is no slouch rodeo; this is the real thing with fun for all ages, and excitement that keeps you cheering. It was fun to watch all the foreigners caught up in the all-American experience. It made us proud.  If you have kids, sit near the lower rows, and the gates into the Arenas.  They usually invite the kids in for some games and fun between events. Have your camera ready, it gets really funny. Monday –Friday matinee performances are less expensive than the already inexpensive tickets. Every Friday and Saturday nights you can enjoy the Rodeo in historic downtown Fort Worth, and then spill out on to the balmy streets to take in a nightlife and great music of old town.

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