Casablanca Themed Do It Yourself Valentine’s Day


Casablanca-movie-cover-ReduFor Valentine’s Day we wanted to provide you with a little inspiration for a fun day. It will work if you are a party of 1, 2 or many. Also, no matter where you find yourself this Valentine’s Day you can add this little spice to your day.

Since Itchy Nomads belong to a virtual Caravan, we thought a Casablanca Valentine’s Day theme was exotically appropriate. Below are some Resources (mostly free) and some activities to help you pull off something totally unique and created by you.


SEND US your pictures and stories from what you did with this theme.

We can’t wait to see what you came up with!


SETTING: 1942, Casablanca, Morocco, North Africa. World War II is raging and Morocco is a French protected territory under the influence of the Nazi’s.


Use this Free Customizable e-Invite to send out your own Invitations:

The one below is what I sent John to invite him to our intimate Moroccan picnic for 2 in the desert.






Set the Scene:

Lots of Candles, bright color tablecloths, Champagne and cocktail glasses, Decorate in Moorish themes, Fresh Flowers, Colorful pillows, sit on the floor on rugs, perhaps Hookah Pipe with Apple Tobacco- See our Casablanca Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board for inspiration.

Have the party based on showing the movie, Casablanca. Both Romantic and Fun. Watch the Movie or just enjoy the Soundtrack….who doesn’t love “As Time Goes By”.

You can Rent, Download it Streaming or buy the DVD here (click on the image):


Dress for the event in costume. Fez hats, Curly Toes slippers, evening gowns for the ladies, Dinner Jackets for the gents


“Casablanca” Movie Trivia Quiz

“Casablanca” Movie Quotes to test your memory

If you really want to set up an evening of Games of Chance, you might like this option. Keep in mind Roulette, Craps and Cards were played in the movie.

Trademark Craps Set (click on the image)




Menu-reduced Food:

Get inspired by the actual Menu at Rick’s Café in Casablanca:

For our picnic we plan to enjoy authentic Moroccan fare that is typed into the Menu template below. You can do the same thing!

Download your free Menu Template HERE

Drink Recipes, courtesy of Martha Stewart:

Raspberry Chocolate Martini

Classic Champagne Cocktail Recipe– if you’ve got the chips and want to be true to the Movie, you’ll invest in a bottle of Veuve Clicquot 1926.


Rick’s Café’s Official Website in Casablanca



Why not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to raise money for a cause you feel strongly about. The “Casablanca” movie is about Refugees so we thought it appropriate to suggest helping Refugees as a theme to your gathering. Guests can make a donation to a charity of your choice. If you want to share what you did it will be an inspiration to other Itchy Nomads that we can all make a difference.

If you are not aware of Charity Navigator they are Charity Rating organization where you can find organizations that make a difference in the area that you desire and you can see how they rate on a number of different levels.

Family Ideas:

It would be impossible to watch the drama of the refugee’s situation in “Casablanca” without some questions coming out, like “Why did the Nazi’s get to boss the French in Casablanca around?” Or “What does Vichy mean?”

Teach with Movies provides a teaching guide for “Casablanca” for Free.



Wishing you a unique, festive Valentine’s Day.

Please send us pictures and stories of your celebration.



2 thoughts on “Casablanca Themed Do It Yourself Valentine’s Day

  1. The Casablanca invitation is so beautiful and creative, Suzanne. The entire idea of a party
    themed around the Movie ,Casablanca is so out of the box, you are a artist.

    • Thank you so much. Coming from a true artist, this is a high complement :-). Keep painting!

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